Thursday, November 18, 2010

Camera Tests for SUGAR

Check out these AWESOME test shots from the film: 

Rotimi Rainwater:

Ari Palitz:

Just your average, random ridiculously cool test shot!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shenae Grimes is All About Skateboarding

How CUTE is this photo of Shenae at the skate shop,  y'all??? I can't stand it! She looks adorable in her helmet. (That would SO be me with the mega double grande Starbucks cup; decaf of course!) Apparently she's getting some skateboarding pointers for the film. Stay tuned!

Rotimi and Shenae visit "My Friend's Place"

Here are some photos of Shenae and Rotimi (along with Michael Kass and Rotimi's assistant), spending some time at My Friend's Place - a drop-in center for homeless youth in Hollywood - doing research for the film. 

The people behind SUGAR are partnering up with My Friend's Place to bring awareness to the growing problem of homeless kids in LA.

Here are Shenae and Rotimi trying out a Cirque du Soleil-sponsored exercise called Cirque du Monde - an outreach program for homeless children at My Friend's Place.

 From Rotimi: 

The thought is that when kids have fun, they forget about their troubles for that moment. The key behind the tightrope is that when they do it, they have to reach out for help and for some it will be the first time they've equated touch with something good.

Check out Cirque du Soleil's "Cirque du Monde" page to learn more about this wonderful program that has been running for 15 years!

Cast Updates!

The CAST page has recently been updated to reflect new cast members such as Evan Ross (yes he's the singer/actor son of Diana Ross!)... Austin Williams (Michael Clayton) and the one and only Nastassja Kinski!

They join Shenae Grimes, Marshall Allman and Alex Meraz, y'all! Talk about a stellar cast!!!