Friday, September 17, 2010

SUGAR Pre-production Slated for November 1st!

Tremendous news - SUGAR is set to start pre-production November 1st - and production will officially start on November 30th!!

Some cool info - Rotimi Rainwater's 40th birthday is November 29th, so they'll be taking their first shot on that day. They'll be shooting all over Hollywood...including Hollywood Boulevard...and some scenes will be shot in Venice Beach.

Graham Taylor at William Morris Endeavor is repping the film.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks to Steven Samra

Just want to say "THANK YOU" to Steven Samra who so generously let me use a photo from his blog - "Stone Soup Station". It's a blog about the homeless communities in Nashville and throughout the US - and what a wonderful man he is. Talk about dedicated. Check him out!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Rainwater Takes on SUGAR"

Taken from

Rainwater Takes on "Sugar" - Sep 9, 2010
Rotimi Rainwater with Village Entertainment is collaborating on yet another project, this one titled "Sugar," with writer Tony Aloupis whom he met through InkTip. You might remember reading about them in the trades, Rotimi originally discovered and optioned one of Aloupis' scripts on InkTip titled "Truckstop." He's been developing and packaging the project with Graham Taylor at Endeavor Independent handling financing and distribution. Rotimi has since put together or gotten hired on to a number of different projects with Tony, including "The Meaning of Life," a documentary about the eponymous philosophical conundrum, "Conversations with Andy," a documentary/biopic about the life of Andy Warhol, and "Black Samurai," a reworking of the 1970's graphic novel, and blaxploitation film of the same name. Tony Aloupis is also serving as an Executive Producer on "The Meaning of Life," proving that directors can not only find scripts, but writers and partners through InkTip.

"Sugar" Director: Rotimi Rainwater

Tremendous photo of Mr. Rainwater... don'tcha think?

Marshall Allman

Here's a shot of Marshall Allman, taken by Mr. Rainwater in Hollywood.

You may know Marshall from a little show called TRUE BLOOD. That's right. He's big time. And I'm stoked because the finale is on tonight! I will wait all day to see whether his character, Tommy Mickens hauls off and shoots/stabs/beats or ______ (insert your favorite word of malice here) Sam - or Jessica - or Hoyt. You can feel it in the air. He's going to do SOMETHING!

Lunch with Alex Meraz: Rotimi turns the tables on the Paparazzi

So awhile back some photos started popping up of Alex Meraz having lunch in LA...

Geez, can you not have a panini without the paps on your tail?!

Anyway... what you might not know is that he was having lunch with Rotimi Rainwater... to discuss "Sugar" among other things (like "Four to the Floor" - another project Alex is working on with Mr. Rainwater.)

And what I found so totally cool is that Rotimi turned the tables on the paparazzi and took their photos.  Who would think to do that?! I love how his brain works. He's so visual.

Shenae Grimes

Check out this photo Mr. Rainwater took of Shenae Grimes while they were out at lunch one day.  How cute is she?? And I'm so glad to see I'm not the only only one who can't live without my Blackberry.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to "SUGAR"!

This blog is dedicated to the upcoming film "Sugar" starring Shenae Grimes (90210) and Marshall Allman (True Blood).  It will be full of info about the making of the film... the actors... and the story of "Sugar".

Best of all,  I get my info directly from the people making the film. So you know it's true...and you know it's current.

Enjoy! There's lots more to come.